Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc is Hiring in Buffalo, NY

Are you a motivated individual looking for a new career in Buffalo, NY? Are you tired of dead end jobs, full of broken promises? Eastpoint Recovery Group is hiring and we are looking for our next superstar debt collection agent.  We have a variety of perks that separate us from the rest of debt collection agencies in Buffalo, NY and nationwide!

  • Industry Leading Compensation – We are firm believers that if you take care of your employees they will go above and beyond to provide the best experience for your customers. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. provides top compensation plans for their employees who prove that they can assist our customers and do so in a compliant way.
  • 401(k) match –  Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. now offers a partial match to 401(k) contributions. Making sure our employees can earn a great living is very important! We also understand the need to retire with a comfortable amount of savings. This is why Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. haws decided to implement a partial match on 401(k) contributions for our employees.
  • Unmatched Culture – Ass important as solid pay and comp plans are, we have learned throughout the years that employees want a positive culture. Working for a management team that consistently micro-manages, lacks empathy and has an inability to effectively communicate will lead top talent, right out the door. This is why we have built Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. in a way to foster an upbeat, positive work environment. In return, our employees are happy and do their job to the best of their ability. This translates to an unmatched customer experience and explains our rating on Google.
  • Compliant Collections – Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. complaints are few and far between. We believe that the aforementioned aspects of our business are the reason for this. In the event that we receive complaints against Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. we have a compliance department that promptly addresses the concerns to ensure that the the situation is handled, appropriately. There are many debt collection agencies that turn a blind eye to FDCPA, and other debt collection laws, we do not. Our team members are highly trained to understand the numerous state laws and federal laws that govern the debt collection process.

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